About the project

Dubrovnik region in Croatia is a world famous tourist destination, which has invested little in the development of agriculture during past years. On the other hand Popovo polje, neighboring region in Bosnia and Herzegovina, can be identified as an area rich with high quality and traditional agricultural products, but with insufficient market access. Support of cross-border rural development and establishment of economic relations between these regions will contribute to mitigation of these problems.
European Union has recognized the importance of establishing a constant flow of agricultural products in this area through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) within the CBC Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina is financing a two-year project “Agribusiness – agricultural heritage capitalization in Dubrovnik-Herzegovina cross-border region” in the amount of approximately 350,000.00 euros.
Project implementation in Croatia is lead by City of Dubrovnik in partnership with the Development Agency of City of Dubrovnik DURA, Informest, Kinookus and Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb. Leading partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Municipality Ravno and partners are Okusi Hercegovinu and Oxfam, with professional help of Faculty of agricultural and food sciences, University of Sarajevo.
Project activities have purpose to strengthen the inner capacity in both regions, raising awareness of the existing values of traditional and autochthonous products. Production resources in Popovo polje and Dubrovnik region, after mapping, technical and scientific analysis, will be unified, standardized, branded, make recognizable for market where it will be placed. The introduction of innovative methods in the production planned by this project would lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of yield, and thus enhance the competitiveness at the market. Forming a network, then clusters, to which will enter all interested parties from food production and tourism sector will facilitate access to regional and EU markets. By creating the “Guide for farmers”, “Guide for Investors”, by adoption of EU legislation related to agricultural production project participants will have guidelines for further work on improvement of market relations in the region.
The establishment of the Agribusiness Center will allow agricultural producers and consumers permanent contact with coordination of supply and demand, and agricultural festivals to be organized will be in the function of agricultural products promotion, the territory and tradition of whole Dubrovnik-Herzegovina cross-border region.
The project results will be achieved if different service providers join the Agribusiness Network, and then the cluster, and if they manage to increase level of agricultural production by their activities, and accomplish better economic status of agricultural producers.